Dr. Papke's Speciality Practice Talk (2020)


This past fall ASHP had the honor of hosting a specialty practice talk with one of UWSOP’s newest clinical faculty members, Dr. Jessica Papke. Specialty practice talks provide an outlet for members to learn more about a specific aspect of pharmacy, Dr. Papke’s talk focused on the application process for a residency, what a residency can look like, and what students could expect from her rotation. She provided insight for our pharmacy students of all levels.

Dr Papke is a UWSOP alumni originally from Colorado. She currently works at Wyoming Medical Center in Casper, WY with the UW Family Medicine Residency Program. While she was in pharmacy school at UW she was very involved, including being an ambassador for the University. She even traveled to Honduras, where she was able to run a pharmacy. Dr. Papke was and still is a Cowboy, GO POKES!

After pharmacy school in Laramie Dr. Papke went on to do a residency. During her talk she reiterated something that Dr. Hilaire, another UWSOP facility member, told her. Dr. Hilaire said, "Residency keeps your doors open" a quote that greatly impacted not only Dr. Papke, but our members as well! It sparked us to ask follow-up questions about whether or not residency was worth pursuing. Dr. Papke explained that she decided on a residency because it not only kept doors open but it also pushed her outside of her comfort zone.

A big topic she talked about was the process of applying to a residency - such as how to choose where you want to go. The first step is to decide on your criteria for a residency, whether that be location, type of residency or whether or not there will be other pharmacy residents with you. She explained that narrowing your selection by focusing in on one location may simplify the process, which is how she ended up selecting. When looking at potential residency's, she made sure NOT to pick any in the Rocky Mountain area, which is how she ended up in Indiana. Since she was raised in Colorado and went to school in Wyoming, she really wanted to explore a different area of the country, and she used her residency to do so. Location allowed her to narrow down where she wanted to do a residency at.

Her time in Indiana was spent at Memorial Hospital of South Bend, a large 500 bed hospital that serves low socioeconomic populations. What really drew Dr. Papke into this hospital was their children's hospital, which allowed her to do research on pediatrics. Not only was she able to explore pediatric pharmacy, but she was also able to see various other positions within the hospital as well. On top of all that she also earned her teaching certificate while on her residency, something she is now using as a professor at UW!

After her yearlong residency she decided she wanted to move back to Wyoming which was the main reason she decided against a PGY2 in pediatrics since Wyoming lacks specialized pharmacy options. She got her job as a clinical pharmacist at Wyoming Medical Center because she re-connected with Dr. Hornecker at ASHP mid-year. Networking is KEY. However, she knew she really wanted to teach at some point so when there was a clinical facility position open at UWSOP she applied, and got the job. She now is both a Clinical Assistant Professor of pharmacy practice for the UWSOP, precepts pharmacy students in their 4th year for internal medicine 1 and 2, and works with the UW Family Medicine Residency Program at Wyoming Medical Center

A day in her life as a pharmacist..

  • 7:00 - 8:00 - Handoff rounds with family practice

  • 8:00 - 10:30 - Workup patients, research, create lecture materials

  • 10:30 – 12:00 - Attend rounds with family practice

  • Rest of the day - complete tasks for week, meetings, projects

Overall, her job as a pharmacist working in an internal medicine setting has a lot of variety and she explained she is always learning as well as teaching.

A day in the life of a student on her rotation..

  • Rounds in the morning, then different activities in the afternoon

  • Guidelines scavenger hunt

  • Journal clubs

  • Drug information

  • Pharmacy staff presentations

  • Why you should choose her rotation!

  • Largest hospital in Wyoming – variety of disease states, level 2 trauma center

  • Works with UW Family Medicine Residency

  • Flexible – will assist students in seeing what they are interested in

  • Statistics review (good prep for NAPLEX)

We are very thankful that Dr. Papke decided to join us for our first residency talk of the year, she explained many topics centered around residencies which can be a complicated topic. Thank you, Dr. Papke

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